On Q Piano

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The Mission

Ludwig van Beethoven said it best when he said, "To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable."  Our students quickly learn that creating and playing music is so much more than just notes on the page!

  • I believe in providing exceptional piano lessons that are exciting, modernistic and suited to the student's needs and goals.
  • I believe in piano lessons that focus not only on the achievement of skills but on gratification of learning and the thrill of success!
  • I believe in showing how music can do good in our community and boosting morale. 
  • I believe in home practice because it is enjoyable (not because you have to), the right to make mistakes, weeks that were too busy and playing from the heart.
  • I believe my piano program is one and only and that my students will continue to be my inspiration to continue learning!


About Mrs. Q

I began piano lessons at the age of 11 after being inspired by my grandmother who played. I would sit in her music room watching and listening to her play her favorite polkas and Strauss waltzes. My grandmother gave me my first few lessons to see if I was ready for formal study. Music is a language that came naturally to me and before long I was able to begin piano lessons with a professional instructor.

Following high school, I attended Framingham State College. My career began in college when I was asked to teach a few friends how to play. I realized that teaching piano could be as enjoyable as playing. Since then, I have dedicated myself to helping individuals of all ages accomplish their musical goals.

I'm an organist and pianist for two churches that continues to have an active performance career playing for various events such as weddings, art/drama productions, school events, Christmas parties, cocktail hours and recitals.

I love working with students of all ages and levels, and sharing with them the joy that music can bring. If you're looking for lessons that are relevant and fun, then On Q Piano is the right fit for you!