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Lessons and Classes
Accelerated Piano Lab

The purpose of this program is to address the #1 problem that piano students have.
The difficulty of home practice.  Many children dread home practice for one reason: It takes too much work. We simply do not have the time to practice with repetition or to drill those tough parts in the lesson.

This is true of most piano studios and music schools in the U.S. There is just so much to do in 30 minutes.  I am solving this problem once and for all in my studio.
The Accelerate curriculum:

  • Lasts for one hour each week
  • Has been shown to dramatically improve a student’s sight-reading skills…. this is the #1 skill that students need to learn music quickly
  • Helps children move through their books faster
  • Allows the student to learn more music each week… this translates into faster completion time
  • Includes proven practice techniques so home practice is all about review and increasing speed – less tedium = more fun at home.
  • Includes some amazingly fun review games… I’m a little jealous that I wasn’t able to do this as a kid!
  • Will minimize your need to supervise practice at home
  • More flexibility with scheduling

Ages: 7 - 16

Pianoforte 30 and Pianoforte 45


These are not your grandma's piano lessons!  We give a solid foundation in music theory and technique but keep the learning process fun.  We also play rhythm cups, games, group activities and public performances.  Students also get FREE access to Piano Maestro to use at home or at the studio with 100's of exercises including assigned songs that we cover during the lesson.  View the video below to learn more about how we use PianoMaestro.


Ages: 5 - 18

Online Piano Lessons


Technology has forever changed the business and education fields.  Who imagined that learning to play an instrument through an internet connection with a teacher hundreds (or thousands) of miles away would be possible - but it is happening and becoming very common! 

If you have ever used FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts to video chat with someone you are familiar with how it feels to talk to someone as if they are standing in front of you.  Private lessons using these applications work very much the same way as lessons at the instructor's studio.  For example, I'm able to check on rhythm, dynamics, articulation, fingering etc. at each lesson. You'll be emailed a detailed assignment sheet listing your goals to aim at for the week. 

Distance learning lessons also have some benefits that traditional lessons do not.  For example:

  • Siblings do not have to wait in the waiting room while another child is having a lesson
  • Support should you have questions instead of waiting until the next lesson to ask; just send an email and Mrs. Q will respond within one business day
  • Option to participate in our annual recital each year!  One of my students that lives 50 miles away travels to play in our recital.

Here's how the process works.

  1. Contact On Q Piano as soon as possible to find out our availability, discuss musical background of student, and with any technical setup questions.  
  2. We will set up a time for a free consultation to be sure the audio and video quality of our connections are satisfactory for lessons.
  3. Based on musical background of the student I will recommend lesson books that you'll need to purchase from a music store near you or online. 
  4. We will also discuss a weekly time to meet via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts for our lessons.

Payment is accepted via Paypal or personal check.  There is absolutely NO obligation or long term commitment.

In order to register for private online lessons, you must have or be willing to get the following:


  • An iPad, tablet or computer that is portable enough to be near the instrument
  • High speed internet connection
  • Webcam, Headset with microphone
  • Piano or piano keyboard with at least 76 keys

Distance learning is not for everyone but it can be a great option! 

Contact us today to find out more.