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Sat. 9/7 1:00 PM On Q Students Play at Brookfield Orchards

In an effort to have the On Q students share their music with the community, Brookfield Orchards has decided to host us this day.  The students will be playing a variety of styles to entertain the crowd.  Please come and support them!

Fri. 11/1
Sat. 11/30
All day Piano Strong

Piano Strong is our contest and unlike any we've had before.  Students, prepare to put your best foot forward at each lesson as you race toward the end.  Who will be standing at the finish line by our recital in June?

Sat. 12/7 5:00 PM Performance at North Brookfield's library In 2012 the On Q students played at North Brookfield's library for their Letters to Santa program and it was a huge success! The students got to play their Christmas music in a relaxed setting (as background music) and everyone enjoyed it. I've been... more
Thu. 3/20 5:30 PM Bach Birthday Party! March 21 is Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday but we'll be celebrating one day early. Your kids ages 6 - 12 can expect to sing, play LOTS of music games, make a Bach-inspired craft and have a grand ole time! Small materials fee of $5/student. Ma... more
Sat. 6/14 10:00 AM 2014 Recital

Details to come!

Sat. 12/6 3:30 PM North Brookfield tree lighting ceremonies

For the third year, we've been invited back to the Hasten Free Public Library to play Christmas tunes as background music for their events.  It's always a fun time and the librarians appreciate the music very much! 

Sat. 6/20 10:00 AM Recital 2015

Join us for our annual recital!  The students will be presenting their check for the total amount raised to the Friends of the North Brookfield Townhouse at this time.

Sat. 12/2 4:45 PM On Q Piano students play for the North Brookfield tree lighting ceremony! Join us at the Haston Free Public Library as the On Q Piano students provide background music for the library's "Letters to Santa" event. The librarians and townspeople absolutely love how much the music adds to this event. The students have a low-... more
Wed. 12/13 4:30 PM Christmas Piano Party

Christmas rhythm games, pumping rolls/songs through the 1920's Milton player piano and more!

Wed. 2/21 10:00 AM Piano STEM camp

We are going to build our own functional pianos!  More details to come!

Sat. 6/16 10:00 AM Annual recital

Mon. 6/25 All day Summer lesson schedule begins

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